Many customers ask what the best way is to use their tinctures. While there are many methods of application for this type of product, we typically recommend the most effective way to use it, which is sublingual application. Since this term tends to be confusing for most, here is a more in depth explanation. 


Sublingual Explained

Sublingual means to be applied under the tongue. Most typically recommend that the product to sits under the tongue for several seconds, allowing time for absorption. This type of application can be more effective than oral because it is not only relying on intestinal pathways for absorption. Without sole reliance on the gastrointestinal tract, direct bloodstream absorption can occur through the tissue under the tongue. 


Sublingual Benefits

Administering tinctures sublingually can be more beneficial than other methods like direct ingestion. This method helps medicine quickly get into your system, without decreasing the effects through digestion. Since the medicine is bypassing the digestive system it also does not rely on the liver to metabolize it, meaning that the use of a lower dose may still achieve desired results.

Other Uses for Tinctures

There is a wide variety of tinctures available today, so finding the right one for you is especially important. At Elite Botanicals, sublingual application was taken into special consideration, resulting in our CBD drops. We carefully select our ingredients, making our goal to optimize this method of application a success.  The product is also beneficial through a variety of other methods. Elite’s CBD Drops are also safe for ingestion, so customers can get creative by adding it into their favorite foods and drinks. Another unique use for the drops is adding them to a cream for topical application. 





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