There has been some exciting medical research released recently regarding the use of CBD and COVID! Medical researchers at both the University of Nebraska and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute have seen promising results with the use of CBD to reduce the lung inflammation issues caused by COVID-19 and researchers in Canada are analyzing CBD extracts ability to reduce the likelihood of infection.

CBD Research in Canada

Canadian scientists at the University of Lethbridge may have discovered that the angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) pathways have potentially found their match with some varieties of cannabis.  They observed that at least 13 of the plant varieties potentially affecting this pathway were also high in cannabidiol (CBD).

ACE2 is the receptor for human respiratory coronavirus and the related SARS-CoV. This enzyme entry expresses itself in tissues of the lung, gastrointestinal tract, testes, and others. In the online journal preprint, researchers express their goal to decrease disease susceptibility by modulating the levels of ACE2 in tissues. 

Working under the Health Canada research license, researchers tested their hypothesis with artificial 3D human models of the oral, airway, and intestinal tissues.  These researchers propose that the extracts of cannabis plant varieties, with low amounts of THC and higher amounts of CBD, could block COVID-19 from entering cells. They believe these extracts modulate ACE2 gene expression and protein levels.      


July 2020 Publication from U.S. Universities

Complications like multi-organ pathology and mortality, induced by SARS-CoV2, are some of the most startling aspects of the disease. A function strongly associated with these complications is proinflammatory cytokine production. This is where the potential of CBD continues to shine under the spotlight. In a peer reviewed journal that came out this month, attention is brought to how CBD inhibits the production of these cytokines. The proposed anti-inflammatory effects of CBD could play a huge role in how the virus affects targeted tissues.

The publication also notes how COVID can take an emotional toll on patients. Mental well-being can strongly effects one’s ability to prevent and recover from any illness.  This presents yet another opportunity for CBD, with the potential to improve emotional stress and anxiety.  


Moving Forward

Studies like these will require further large-scale validation. While this may be a topic that will need more research, hopefully, the work being done by these scientists can open those doors. In the very near future, we may discover safe prevention and treatment options for COVID.




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