All of our plants are grown using true living organic cultivation methodologies. We feed the soil so the soil can feed the plants.

U.S. Produced

All of our plants are grown in the USA under Department of Agriculture licensing. Established in 2014, Elite Botanicals was one of the first high-cannabinoid hemp farms, laboratories and manufacturers in the country.


We provide premium quality, farm-to-table products at a reasonable price. Our concentrated, full-spectrum hemp products are frequently 2-4x the potency of competitors at a fraction of the cost.

About Us:


Elite Botanicals is focused on non-psychotropic cannabinoid cultivation, research and product development. We were one of the first licensees in the State of Colorado to cultivate high-cannabinoid hemp under Department of Agriculture licensing. We were the first dedicated hemp processing lab in the state, and alongside our partners at Mary’s Medicinals, were the 2nd company to release nationally available CBD products. 

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